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You’re in the Heart of Dell Rapids. There are some great activities within walking walking distance that you can do during your stay.

Dell Rapids Museum (9-minute walk)

Visit the Museum for a glimpse back to the early 20th century when the Dieson Department Store attracted shoppers from all over! Picture a crowd of excited young kids poking their noses through the rails on the 2nd floor to spy on their parents shopping below. The Dieson Department Store would serve as a model for our modern shopping malls.

A festive overview

Grand Opera House of Dell Rapids (9-minute walk)

Be sure to visit the Opera House that was constructed in 1888. Here plays, symphonies, concerts and dances are combined with a historic atmosphere that provides a full bar, coffee and desserts.

Strawbale Winery (14.7 mi)

Experience life in slow motion at this unique straw bale constructed winery. Tucked away between a 100-year-old barn, shelter belt, and grape vines, this winery, its farm setting and surroundings may remind you of a simpler time.

Catfish Bay Water Ski Park (15.9 mi)

Catfish Bay always has a fun, family-oriented professional ski show. It’s a great place to spend a Friday evening and if it has been a hot day, remember it is always cooler by the water!

Falls Park (19.4 mi)

Native American peoples were the first to visit the falls and bring stories of them to European explorers. Today, the park covers 123 acres. An average of 7,400 gallons of water drop 100 feet over the course of the Falls each second. Don’t miss a drop and be sure to visit this gorgeous park!